Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sleepover with Jex

The boys had a great time having a sleepover with Jex. They were wondering if they could have one every weekend. They had a great time playing with train sets, watching t.v., and visiting with one another until 1:00 pm or so.

This is the lower pond at the field. Lincoln and Jex looked at it for a while and then drew up a plan as to how they were going to cross the pond and get to the island.

This is their drawing of the pond and island. They had a variety of ways they were going to make it across. If they made it, Jex said that he was going to stay there and live forever. All we had to do was throw some food over to him.

Jex and Lincoln first tried making a raft/boat, but they couldn't get it to float, let alone stay together.

Plan B...walk across one of the four fences that divided the water into quarters. They did what it took, and everyone made it to the island. Although more muddier than they began, mastering what they set out to do was worth it all.

The kids riding back to the house after Uncle John told them that they needed to work for a few minutes. No one liked the idea, but did it anyway. When bored, they asked to go to the house. Lincoln kept saying, "Jex didn't come to work. He came to play. So we're going home where we can play and dad won't make us work."

Jex, we would love to have you come and sleepover again sometime. All visitors are welcome at any given time. Thanks for the memories. Hope to make many more in the future.

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