Sunday, March 29, 2009

Carter and Lincoln's Birthday Parties

I promised the kids that they could have friend party's this year. It was tough trying to find the time to squeeze them in, but we did. Thank goodness they wanted the same theme. Of course it was "cowboy". We played a lot of fun games.

The 1st being: The Great Cattle Herd.

The 2nd being: Treasure Find in a Haystack.

The 3rd being: Roping Wild Mustangs.

The 4th being: The Ribbon Pull (usually done on a goat.)

The 5th being: Snake in My Boots.

The 6th being: Stick Horse Races.

They had Root beer Floats and Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.
We started to take the kids out for a date on their birthday. The boys wanted to go to Golden Corral this year. They loved the never ending ice cream. They both said that they wanted to go their again next year.

This year for their birthday they wanted a cake that looked like their Mama Mary's Cabin. I didn't know exactly how to do it, but we gave it a whirl. The boys were please with it, so that's all that matters. Another successful couple of birthdays and parties. We'll have to see how Harrison's goes in June.

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