Thursday, December 30, 2010

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I loved this year SO much!!! Christmas Eve we get our new jammies on, fill our thermoses with hot chocolate, and drive around looking at the lights listening to Christmas music. Love this tradition! This year we also did Secret Santa on our drive and since it was a near disaster, I will tell you about it. Andrew dropped me off a ways down the road and was going to round the corner and park up the street behind their house (they live on a corner) well the first thing I notice is a huge fence with bolts on the gate, so obviously there will be no knocking and running... There car is in the driveway so I decide to open the door and leave it on the seat then honk and run hide behind a bush. Well they came out and started panicking because their door was open and lights on, I think they thought they got robbed! The dogs start barking like crazy and she ALMOST let them out to come attack the robber!! She finally came out and saw the present but by then the dogs had found the bush I was hiding behind and were barking like crazy at it. I heard her go back inside and I look back and I can just barely see Andrew's truck...he would have been hidden if I could have put it on the doorstep. I really hope she didn't look around too hard and make out the truck!! We will definetly need to plan our stealthy attack better next year!:-) These are some pictures from Christmas morning with all our loot! Ashton is a little glazed over because we woke him up and he was NOT ready to wake up:) We had so much fun with the kids this year, Gentri was really excited about her presents and Santa coming. She put on a dress Christmas Eve morning and I asked her why she said "Because Santa is coming tonight!" They are so cute, Ashton LOVES that bull! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July and a June Update!

We went down to Katie's on Sunday for Landon's blessing. It was so much fun to see everyone and visit. Katie prepared the best taco salads and hosted it at her house. My little family love it when we get to go to Aunt Katie and Uncle Lloyd's house. Bo was rocking out on the way home from Katie's house, so we had to get this pic of him dancing. He was being so silly.
We ended up going to Salina for the 4th celebration with some good friends on Saturday. We then went back to Milford in time to go to the Wunderlich's house to watch the big fireworks. It was so much fun. Here is Miley running around and watching the parade in Salina.

Casek and Bo met a boy named Marcus and they had fun running and playing with him. Here they are waiting for the parade to start. They gathered a lot of candy and had lots of fun.

Casek and Bo had lots of fun with their squirt guns. Here Casek was giving Miley drinks with it.

I was lucky enough to coach both Casek and Bo's teams in baseball this year. Casek and Jex were in Machine pitch and both were on the Bee's team. Here Casek is playing second base.
This is Jex swinging away. He got a great hit and made it to first easy. He was quite the little player.

This is Casek ready and waiting for the pitch. I had so much fun watching this age group of boys. They were funny and some of the things they said killed me.
Cindy and I coached the kids T-Ball team. Here is the team pic from their last game. Loni Sue in in the pink shirt, Bo is the last one on the left, and JT is the third to the left.

Cindy is helping Bo line up to smack the ball. He LOVED baseball. He is into any sport in general. Usually when we get home he either gets football or baseball gear on and goes to "practice". He will go out and play outside for hours and pretend that he is a pro in some sport or another.

(Sorry I still can't rotate the pic) Here is Bo, with his new baseball gear, in his batting stance.

Bo standing at first base

For Bo's birthday we went to Big Rock for a hot dog roast and to play. Uncle Troy ended up bringing the horses to ride. We had so much fun. I think we need to start doing it more often. We had cake, roasted hot dogs, made smores, rode horses, caught lizards and snakes, climbed Big Rock, and sat around and visited. Here are Kennedy, Kiley, and Miley. I can't believe how old Kennedy and Kiley are getting. Their dads are going to have to get out the baseball bats and clean the shot guns soon! What pretty girls!

Here is Bo unwrapping his presents. He got a lot of fun stuff and was so excited.

We had rented the movie Flicka 2 and he loved it, so I bought him Flicka and Flicka 2. He was so excited and I can't tell you how many times we have watched it since he got them.

Uncle Ryan is teasing him that that was his present Bo was unwrapping, but Bo wouldn't have any of it. He would just smile and say no way. The kids all love Uncle Ryan's teasing.
Poseing for a pic before he starts to unwrap.

Miley was terrified at first when she got on the horse, but then I got on and took her for a little ride. After that she loved it. She went riding with anyone who would take her. Miley is definitely an animal lover.

This has been our summer so far. We hope everyone has been having as much fun as we have been.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Going for a ride

This past week my mom had a conference for school, so we decided we wanted to go for a ride while she was here. We called John and even though he was sick, he told us of course we could come down. Gentri had so much fun with Willow! Madison was so cute and led her around while Gentri rode, then showed her how to hold the lead rope and lead Jackson around. I think she liked leading more than riding:) Then we rode the "big horses" and had a good time. I hadn't been in a long time, I always loved to go riding with Grandpa. It brought back so many memories! Thanks again for sharing your horses, we loved seeing you too!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What's up with the Slacks

The last couple of months have been crazy busy with us. We have had some great times, and would like to share with you. H and L with their Pinewood Derby Cars. They both did really well.

Here are some Easter photos from out at Canaan.

L had a wonderful baptism. He loved how we dedicated this day just to him. He loved calling it his special day.

Being out to Moab for a family wedding, we decided to hike Arches National Park. We had a blast! Even little j loved hiking all the way to and from Delicate Arch.
Our motel was a hit with the kids. They loved the slide.
Big Rock

Arches National Park

J playing hide-n-seek with M. I love how he is such a great sport.
L and H after they had made these bird houses at scouts.
L had a great time helping me decorate his teacher's door for Teacher Appreciation Week.
C's kindergarten graduation program. He was so cute and did his part so well.
H and L at Pack Meeting. They both earned a belt loop. They sang a song instead of performing a skit. I was so proud of them.
A couple hot dog roasts. Some how our freezer defrosted, and we had 10 packs of hot dogs that needed to be eaten. I think we had our fair share of roasts.
We had a few volunteer pear trees that had died in between us and our neighbor's home. We took a Saturday and cut, hauled and leaned up. It sure is nice to be done.
Soccer league for the three older boys. They all earned a trophy and had a great time while doing so.

j and his cowboy hat. He will hardly take it off for anything. I love it! It is so cute!
School level Hershey's Track Meet. He took two seconds and will be running on Friday for regionals in St. George.