Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jen's Family Camp Trip to Beaver Mnts.

We went camping to the Beaver Mountains this last Wed. and Thurs. We had to much fun!!! Kasey "rescued" a brand new baby duck that had gotten washed out of its nest. Since we couldn't find the nest we got to bring him home. He was so cute! Unfortunatlly, the altitude change was too much for him and he didn't make it in Milford.
The boys had fun hiking, playing in the creek, shooting BB gun's, and catching anything they could get their hands on.

The rocks were more slippery than Jase realized. He went waist deep into the freezing run off water and couldn't get back up!

With help from the dog and his little brother, Cole caught this baby chipmunk before I could even get the tent set up!!
Our first camp trip of the summer and it couldn't have been better!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. That chipmunk is so cute. My boys wished they could have been there with you.

    I love Cole's holes in his pants. They crack me up.