Thursday, July 2, 2009

Casek's Kindergarten Graduation (Better Late Then Never)

Casek Graduated from Kindergarten this year!!! He looked so dang cute singing and preforming a little skit. Grandma Susan and Grandpa Larry weren't able to go and watch, so they sent their camera home with us. Well I forgot to charge the battery up, so it kept dying. Well Casek insisted that I record the whole thing for Grandma and Grandpa. I had to keep changing the battery with the second one and sqeezing out all the power they could muster. When they finally crashed, I had to hold the camera up on him the whole time even though they weren't on. I put it down once, so that I could use my camera to take a picture, and he cussed me to get the camera back up. Luckily he picked the front row for us to sit on. Casek just got done with a little skit and was walking back to his seat.
Casek had to say a part on the microphone and then hold it for all the little girls sitting next to him.

Casek and his friend would sometimes watch their parents instead of the teacher at the end of songs, so they would stay standing when the other kids were all sitting. (It was so dang cute)

Casek is singing all about America. It was his favorite song.

I don't think I have ever seen a cuter Kindergartner. He was such a cutie. I love you Casek!

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  1. So cute. What a big boy he is getting. We are so proud of him.