Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Casek's Kindergarten Patriotic Program

Casek's Kindergarten class put on a Patriotic Program last night. It was at his elementary school. He looked so cute up in the front singing about our country. The class sang about five to ten songs about America and their teachers narrated in between. Casek is doing really well in Kindergarten and was real excited about his program. It was fun to see him up in the front. He is growing up so fast. The gym was pretty packed and the lighting wasn't very good, so my pictures didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. I only got to video tape one song of him singing too. Beaver has three kindergarten classes, so there are a lot of students. By the time you pack all their parents and grandparents in a little elementary gym, you don't get to see all that well. I got to sit on the inside of an aisle, so I got to lean over enough to see Casek better. Doesn't he look cute?


  1. Casek did look really cute for his program. He so grown up! I am glad that the close quarters didn't send you into labor Cari. Isn't fun having kids old enough to participate in things? I love supportiing and having the "proudess" of a mother come out in me.

  2. Thanks for posting pictures so we can see. My favorite picture is the last one. Made me want to hug him.