Monday, May 3, 2010

What's up with the Slacks

The last couple of months have been crazy busy with us. We have had some great times, and would like to share with you. H and L with their Pinewood Derby Cars. They both did really well.

Here are some Easter photos from out at Canaan.

L had a wonderful baptism. He loved how we dedicated this day just to him. He loved calling it his special day.

Being out to Moab for a family wedding, we decided to hike Arches National Park. We had a blast! Even little j loved hiking all the way to and from Delicate Arch.
Our motel was a hit with the kids. They loved the slide.
Big Rock

Arches National Park

J playing hide-n-seek with M. I love how he is such a great sport.
L and H after they had made these bird houses at scouts.
L had a great time helping me decorate his teacher's door for Teacher Appreciation Week.
C's kindergarten graduation program. He was so cute and did his part so well.
H and L at Pack Meeting. They both earned a belt loop. They sang a song instead of performing a skit. I was so proud of them.
A couple hot dog roasts. Some how our freezer defrosted, and we had 10 packs of hot dogs that needed to be eaten. I think we had our fair share of roasts.
We had a few volunteer pear trees that had died in between us and our neighbor's home. We took a Saturday and cut, hauled and leaned up. It sure is nice to be done.
Soccer league for the three older boys. They all earned a trophy and had a great time while doing so.

j and his cowboy hat. He will hardly take it off for anything. I love it! It is so cute!
School level Hershey's Track Meet. He took two seconds and will be running on Friday for regionals in St. George.


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  2. You guys have had a great couple of weeks. Lori you got some cute pics of the family fun times. It's good to see an update. =)

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