Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Fun!

Loni, Miley, and Uncle RJ sitting on the four-wheeler during the legendary egg-fight.
Miley finally figured out the egg rolling and thought it was so much fun. But after a while she decided she needed to follow them down the hill, which wouldn't have been a good thing if she wrecked our awesome trails.

What would we do without Uncle Jake's talents of making the coolest trails for our eggs to roll down. The kids love it. Thanks Uncle Jake!

Bo watching the eggs go!!

Miley had the most fun out of anyone out at Caanan. She wa all over the place and loved playing in the dirt. I think she followed all the dogs around and was in seventh heaven. If only them dang dogs would kiss her back! LOL

Grandma Slack and Miley sitting together after the egg hunt.

Casek was such a critter. Maybe he is just getting older and I am not ready for it yet. But this is the only pic I got of him during the egg hunt, well the end of the egg hunt. The gate opened and he was off. I didn't see him again until it was all said and done. So no pics of him searching :(

Miley didn't get too many eggs cause once she found her first one, she just like to rattle it around in her bucket. She thought it was pretty cool pickign them up and putting them in the bucket.

Grandpa Larry and Miley. She is definitely Grandpa's Girl :)

Miley running around with sticks. anything is entertaining to a one year old.

Bo and Lincoln getting ready to do some target shooting.

Grandma/Aunt Susan, Gavin, Tina, Taylor, and Lori sitting around the picinic visiting

Bo ready to play hard at Caanan.

Our end masterpieces. Dying eggs was quite a treat this year. Miley liked to smash them faster than her brothers could dye them. Luckily we had extra. I loved Casek and Miley purple tipped noses. My kids definitely entertain me and keep me going :) But I wouldn't trade them.
We also celebrated Little Luke's birthday at Caanan. He is three years old and getting so big. Happy Birthday Luke.
PS Special thanks to Lloyd and Katie for letting us ride their fun toys. You made Casek's day with the motorcycle.

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