Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here is my little family! I know Lori told my how to turn the pics, but it won't work on my computer. You'll just have to turn your head (LOL) We had Little Red Riding Hood, Cowboy Casek, Mountain Lion Hunter Bo (who got attacked) and Ladybug Miley.

Halloween 2009


We all met at Mom and Dad's and took pictures of the kids. Here is my Hunter Bo with Loni. My Cowboy Casek with Zombie Jase And my three little cuties (Casek, Miley, and Bo)

Above: Our girls - Kiley, Loni, and Miley

I let Bo dress up for Casek's Costume Parade on Friday. That day he wanted to be a cowboy.

Here are my kids carving Pumpkins. They had so much fun and I got lots of pics. Unfortunately, I was playing with my camera and deleted them all. Luckily I had emailed these four to mom, so I did have them. Miley loved it. She would dig in the pumpkin and try to eat the guts, then she would yell at the boys and the pumpkins. We had lots of fun (ecspecially with our powered pumpkin carvers)

Here is Miley digging in her pumpkin while cussing it.

Bo was such a critter. Those of you that know Bo well, know that he strips down to his underwear the minute we are home. It doesn't matter what time of day, if we are home he is in his underwear. He doesn't even mind to answer the door like that. He was pulling faces and having a blast carving the pumkins.

Casek had so much fun too. He is getting so big and hardly needed any help from his mom this year.

Casek's teacher (who we love) emailed some of the class pics she took of Casek and his class.

Here are all the little boys in the class (who had arrived back from lunch)

Here are the kids who were back for the party.
Some were a little late, so we didn't get one with the whole class, but almost. We had to talk the boys into letting the girls pose with them.

It was a great Halloween and we had lots of fun.

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  1. So cute Cari. Thanks for posting. I love seeing what you guys have been up to.