Thursday, December 30, 2010

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I loved this year SO much!!! Christmas Eve we get our new jammies on, fill our thermoses with hot chocolate, and drive around looking at the lights listening to Christmas music. Love this tradition! This year we also did Secret Santa on our drive and since it was a near disaster, I will tell you about it. Andrew dropped me off a ways down the road and was going to round the corner and park up the street behind their house (they live on a corner) well the first thing I notice is a huge fence with bolts on the gate, so obviously there will be no knocking and running... There car is in the driveway so I decide to open the door and leave it on the seat then honk and run hide behind a bush. Well they came out and started panicking because their door was open and lights on, I think they thought they got robbed! The dogs start barking like crazy and she ALMOST let them out to come attack the robber!! She finally came out and saw the present but by then the dogs had found the bush I was hiding behind and were barking like crazy at it. I heard her go back inside and I look back and I can just barely see Andrew's truck...he would have been hidden if I could have put it on the doorstep. I really hope she didn't look around too hard and make out the truck!! We will definetly need to plan our stealthy attack better next year!:-) These are some pictures from Christmas morning with all our loot! Ashton is a little glazed over because we woke him up and he was NOT ready to wake up:) We had so much fun with the kids this year, Gentri was really excited about her presents and Santa coming. She put on a dress Christmas Eve morning and I asked her why she said "Because Santa is coming tonight!" They are so cute, Ashton LOVES that bull! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

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