Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A picture of TWO say (s) it all.

Well, seeing how I'm usually shy about this stuff and don't like a lot of attention...

See for yourself.

Grandma, I just heard you scream "No way!" I know, I screamed that too. Pick up your jaws, put your eyeballs back in your head, and chill out. We'll be fine. I just keep telling myself that. Yes, those hereditary twins are on their way. We're anxious to see if we have two more boys on the way, perhaps girls, or one of each. We'll be happy with whatever. Obviously.

When? You ask. More summer babies.Harrison and John will be joined with two more birthday's in the summer. End of August is our due date. This has been a really hard secret to keep. Sometimes. Other times it's easy, knowing the reaction I'm going to get from people.

So anyway, there it is. Baby one and Baby two...Loving April Fool's Day, I got you!!!

Have a great day. I'll have to keep track how many times I'm told that I have a "spider in my hair". Even worse, act like I'm scared every time.



  1. Better be careful about what you "joke" about! We might all be laughing about this one.

  2. Lorilee, I just found your blog and then read this one and totally fell for it, until the end of August comment and realizing that you couldn't be that far along, because you don't look pregnant. So you got me.
    I played the same trick on Nick too this year.